Maintenance and Service Procedures

Lower capital equipment expenses by assuring that current equipment is maintained and serviced correctly. Maintenance and service procedures that use visual work instructions can convey

Maintenance procedures for medical devices example


Unskilled workers needed to quickly understand and perform complicated maintenance procedures on medical device manufacturing equipment.


Used as both training and job aids, our visual work instructions:


Better Maintained Equipment Realized
Through Documented Procedures and Signoffs

Documented Maintenance procedures for better maintained equipment


Improperly cleaned equipment and undocumented cleaning resulted in defective products and lost yields for our manufacturing client.


By visually indicating signoffs and capturing standard best practices:

Quick Reference Maintenance Guides
for Infrequently Used Equipment

Service procedures for infrequently used equipment


Workers were required to remember maintenance procedures for equipment they didn't work on regularly.


We created visual quick-reference guides that were easily accessible. These allowed workers to accurately perform the procedures, which extended the life of our client's capital investment.

Touch Screen Electronic Manual Available Through Intranet

 Touch screen electronic manual for service procedures


MDA Scientific needed a technical manual for their toxic gas monitoring system that could be housed on their computer/business system.


We developed an electronic manual that allowed for touch-screen control and access for both operators and technicians. Included within the manual are hyperlinks and video showing maintenance personnel making actual repairs.

Lean manufacturing requires quick, regular and precise maintenance management and servicing for all equipment. Explainers increases the likelihood of this happening through custom designed visual maintenance and service procedures.