Operation Instructions

Our operation instructions give the users standard work practices in a visual way. While generally created for manufacturing work, instruction formats which include visual aids can be utilized by laboratories, service providers, end-users and the like. For knowledge transfer purposes, it is essential that procedures perfected by veteran employees correctly be passed on to next generation workers.

manufacturing work instruction format


Workers in an automotive parts manufacturing facility were making packaging errors that resulted in charge-backs from the OEM, additional mandatory inspections and rework.


Poster-sized operation instructions that clearly documented standard best practices were hung in each work cell.


Knowledge Transfer of Veteran Employees' Procedures
For Next Generation of Workers

Knowledge transfer of practices for new employees


Our glass manufacturing client was losing veteran employees and needed accurate knowledge transfer of procedures so the new employees were properly trained.


Working side by side with the exiting employees, we captured their experience and steps and explained them visually in manufacturing work instruction format. These were used to

Visual Work Documentation Eliminates Language Barriers

Visual operator instructions for multiple languages


Because many operators in this food processing facility had English as a second language (ESL), they could not comprehend text-heavy standardized work instructions.


With illustrations explaining the process, ESL operators could understand and perform the work correctly. In addition,

Operation Instructions Used as Study Aids and Job Aids

Operator instructions used as study / job aides


Operators at our client's aerospace facility could not pass a certification test for starting a line.


We distilled the pertinent information necessary and provided it in a user friendly format that workers

Whether the challenge is poor productivity and too many procedural errors due to ineffective operator instructions, knowledge transfer issues as veteran workers seek to retire, or weak performance as a result of language barriers and difficult subject matter, Explainers can offer professional operation instructions that make sense of it all.