Training Materials and Job Aids

By utilizing training materials and job aids that visually demonstrate operational procedures, trainees retain more, experience an increased level of confidence and deliver enhanced standard work. Explainers, a leader among technical illustration companies, can provide training materials, computer-based training (CBT) modules and working manuals which explain exactly how a process should be performed.

Training manuals used as job aides


General Motors needed to train telecommunications coordinators on new software so they could manage 250,000 phone lines. They anticipated two weeks of off-site training for all 800 coordinators.


We uncovered the major tasks and removed unnecessary theory, then created a 60-page quick-reference guide. This approach reduced training to a 3-hour online session.



Simplified Warrant Arrest Procedures
Reduces Judicial Errors

Example of standard work procedures


The Michigan State Police procedures for warrant arrests were buried in a mountain of text, resulting in errors that ultimately affected the criminal justice process.


We developed a process flow with icons that clearly showed what each department needed to do and when they needed to do it. These job aids:

Visual Work Instructions Used for
Computer-Based Training on Operational Systems

Visual Operational Systems in Computer Based Training (CBT) format


Eaton needed a top view introduction of the hybrid system for the fleet technicians and drivers, as well as a prerequisite for hands-on training for service technicians.


Instead of two separate trainings, we developed one computer-based training (CBT) program with video, animation and interactive exercises that successfully addressed the needs of both audiences.

Enhanced and Additional Work Simulations Delivered in a Hurry

Simulated working manual


Eaton had a tight deadline to meet the training needs for the users of their automated transmissions.


We enhanced the existing formatting and animation with additional simulations and interactivity.

When employees, contractors and technicians must be trained correctly, why take a chance with confusing, wordy job aids which are easily misunderstood and quickly forgotten? Let Explainers create self-explanatory visual training materials to make sure the job gets done right.