Work Instructions That Work

Our visual work instructions are easy to train with and easy to understand. By thinking visually, we transform typical, hard-to-understand instructions into visually engaging, usable documents. The result? Lowered job costs due to greater productivity, higher quality and less waste.

Reactions of people seeing the benefits of visual work instructions.

Some of the benefits of EXPLAINIT® Visual Work Instructions

Minimize Waste

Our production work instruction helps reduce errors and eliminate damaged parts by showing the users how to perform their jobs correctly.

Reduce Error

Graphic work instructions give the user clearer understanding of the working components, the process and the machine's options - features that tend to get buried in text.

Increase Productivity

The graphics we include in our visual standard work instructions quickly orient the users, so they can see what they have to do and how they need to do it. This is especially helpful when a high level of retention is required with training.
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