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Measured Training Results

Example of a Visual Training DocumentDownload visual work instruction sample (PDF)

Our client had a problem with unscheduled downtime. Their operators were turning off sensors in a misguided effort to keep the line running, which sacrificed productivity and safety. To help them, we created a visual theory of operation that explained how the line functioned, with focus on how different sensors affected the line.

Using this document in training, our client was able to test the operators’ understanding of the line.  Pre-test scores averaged 33% and that included a group of seasoned operators. Post-tests were given months later and jumped to an impressive average of 92%. By learning the function and purpose of the sensors, workers could use them to quickly identify and correct problems that had previously stopped the production line.

Because of confidentiality issues, we're showing you an aid we developed that used similar features—strategically placed color additions and word balloons—for identifying multiple areas of a packaging machine.

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