Repair and Testing Instructions

It’s a fact of doing business. Equipment WILL need repairs. However, the less time spent on those repairs, the better, right? Repairs and testing can be performed quickly, accurately and easily with visual standard work instructions from Explainers. They are custom created specifically for your machinery and provide step-by-step, visual directions.


US Postal Services requires “text-heavy manuals” in their RFPs. Their supplier, Grand Rapids Label, wanted to make sure their equipment could be repaired quickly and knew these manuals were ineffective.


We provided them with a text-heavy manual (to meet the RFP) and a set of visual work instructions for the technicians to use.

  • Visual TOC helped technicians find the procedures quickly.
  • Downtime for repairs was reduced.


Clutch service technicians had to reference five manuals to find answers to installation, repair and troubleshooting questions. They ended up making frequent calls to Eaton’s Call Center.


We consolidated the five manuals into one and included symptom-driven diagnostics. This led technicians to the correct visual repair instructions and

  • Reduced call center inquiries
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Consolidated Automotive Work InstructionsReduce Call Center Inquiries


Aerospace and defense products must be fully documented by a CMM which covers all test, repair and replacement procedures needed for maintenance.


Our extensive knowledge and experience creating comprehensive and technically sound CMMs allowed us to anticipate the work needed and minimize the impact on our client’s staff. We create CMMs that:

  • Follow ATA specifications
  • Observe writing standards like Simplified English
  • Provide clear instructions to users
  • Include Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL)

Component Maintenance Manual Created for ATA Specifications

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